• You will receive login credentials for the test/assessment through a separate mail at least one day before the scheduled start time.
  • Please check spam/junk in case you are unable to find it.
  • Please refresh the webpage around the test start time to activate the test before clicking “Start”.
  • The test will begin only at the scheduled time.
  • Please refresh your browser in case the test page seems inactive.
  • If you face any issues related to functioning of the test, please close the browser window, clear the browser cache and login again by clicking on “Resume”.
  • In case for some reason, you close the browser, your responses will be available and there will no loss of data.
  • Please focus on completing the test appropriately – the messages from remote proctoring system will not have any adverse effect on genuine test-takers.
  • Once you login, the candidate onboarding process will begin, and you will be required to capture an image of yourself and provide a valid Identity Proof. Please keep ready your ID card which may be required.
  • In case of delay, beyond scheduled time, you will not be allowed to login.
  • In case your test page crashes, you may re-try with the same URL and credentials after 2-3mins.
  • Completed screen comes up once the test is/gets submitted.
Note: Genuine test-takers need not worry on account of some messages from the sensitive remote/auto-proctoring system.