• Please ensure that you are in a closed room with no other individual present in the room.
  • Please ensure that there is no study material available with you on the desk or in the room.
  • The room you are seated in should be “WELL-LIT” and you should be seated “FACING THE LIGHT SOURCE”.
  • You should ensure appropriate internet connectivity and use a fully functional laptop/computer/mobile phone ready (webcam or camera, speakers, and microphone).
  • You should also arrange for uninterrupted power to prevent any disruptions during the test-taking process.
  • Kindly ensure that all other Windows/tabs or applications are closed, as it will be considered as an attempt to indulge in some form of MALPRACTICE.
  • You are not allowed to take any washroom breaks in the middle of the exam.
  • Please note that the Entire Exam process which includes your actions in front of the system/mobile phone and on the system/mobile phone are being “MONITORED & RECORDED” and any form of malpractice will lead to your exam being cancelled.
  • Test can be taken from a mobile device(s) or mobile phone also. You need to attend the test with a camera & headphones enabled or with a laptop/desktop with webcam & microphone enabled.
  • The test content (Questions/Images/Answer Options) is the Intellectual Property of ICMAI and any attempt to copy, forward or reproduce the same will be considered as a legal offence and will invite legal action and punishment.
Test Taking Requirements for Laptop/Desktop
On Google Chrome
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768
OS Windows 8
Processor 2.4 Ghz (or) Current generation processors
Internet Bandwidth 2 Mbps
Web Camera 0.5 Megapixel
Web Browser Google Chrome (Latest Version)
Microphone Standard
Time Zone Settings (UTC +05:30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi
Test Taking Requirements for Mobile Phone
Operating System Android Version 11 and Above with the updated Chrome browser
(Does not support iOS)
Camera Mobile phone with a functional Front Camera
Orientation Entire test recommended to take it only on LANDSCAPE MODE.
Internet Bandwidth Need to have a Stable internet with the minimum of 1 Mbps speed.
Screen Size Recommendation display size for the mobile user is 4'9 and above.
Browser Latest version of Google Chrome Mobile Browser for Android
Microphone Standard

Please avoid the following during the exam:

  • Using your mobile phone for any other communication.
  • Using any written or printed material.
  • Leaving your seat during the exam.
  • Going out of focus of the camera monitoring you.
  • Trying to open any other tabs apart from exam tab.
  • Trying to Copy paste from any file or website.
  • Talking to anyone in the room.
  • Trying to Stop the Camera or block its view.
  • Presence of other individuals in the room.